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Door Lock Change & Replacement

How do you know if our home door lock should be repaired or replaced? It is indeed cheaper to repair a door lock but sometimes we have the only option to replace our lock. We can repair a lock if its internal parts are not much damaged and are repairable. Your locksmith cant tells you that whether your lock can be fixed or repaired until he takes a good and deep look to know what is wrong with its damaged parts.

How long it takes to replace our lock?

Our locksmith is well experienced so he will take half an hour to repair our lock. In most cases, it can take more or less time, but it all depends on which kind of lock our door has. We assure you that your door will not be damaged when our technicians are repairing your lock. Our workers are well experienced and know how to tackle with lock changes and replacement. Our experts will repair your lock with the utmost care.

You do not need to replace your door if you want to change the old lock with a new one.

In most conditions, we do not need to change our door while replacing the old lock with the new one. Our locksmith can make certain adjustments to fix your new lock in place of your old lock but you do not need to change your door.

Replacement of old lock with the new one

If you want to know if your doors are working properly then you can do this by ensuring that your locks are working smoothly and properly, to make your family secure. You can check the performance of your lock by paying attention to it regularly.

Signs for replacing your door locks

Many serious factors contribute to the need for your home door lock change. We should pay attention to these signs to make our family and money secure at the right time. Sometimes the old door locks show difficulty when we use the exact key to open the door. If we have the danger of robbery then you need to replace our lock immediately.

Steps to change our door lock

Door Knob

For our experienced locksmith, it is not difficult to remove the lock at all. This process begins by unscrewing the plate on the internal section of the door, which will allow you to pull out the doorknobs on each side.


The process of replacing deadbolt locks is similar to the steps that are followed when replacing locks on a door that have doorknobs. Our workers will remove the exterior face-plate so that we can gain access to our deadbolt lock inside.

Our locksmith technician will make sure to give your door lock a few test runs to make sure that the lock replacement was successful. If you want to get your door lock changed or repaired, our technician will solve your problem in less than 25-30 minutes.


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