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Home Lock Rekey

Our home is a place where we keep everything important, and where our family feels safe to live. So, home security is important for us. But better home security does not necessarily start with an advanced security system? It’s true! We can simply upgrade your security by re-keying.

For house lock Rekey, a locksmith changes the pins inside a lock, in this way the lock takes a new key and rejects the old one. The re-keying method provides the advantage of upgrading our home/office without changing the lock hardware completely. Re-keying is a fast and cheap method to ensure that the old keys will not work anymore.

When Do We Need Our Door Locks To Re-keyed?

  • Any time we move into a new home.
  • When we want to upgrade our home security without changing locks.
  • When our lock keys are old and worn and make it difficult to turn our door locks.
  • After a robbery, as long as the internal parts of the locks are not damaged.

Rekey Locks For office & Buildings

Why will need our office locks rekey? This happens because sometimes our door lock key is lost or misplaced during a robbery, divorced, we have changed our home, lock damage, or for any number of reasons. In this case, most people think that we have to purchase new locks to change the key to our home and the rest of the property, but actually, there is no need to do so. Modern locks can be modified by an experienced locksmith to take a new key. This is easy because modern locks contain versatile tumblers, and the lock can be opened with special apparatus to reset and change the configuration of such tumblers. In this way, the lock will accept only the new key and not the old one.

In this way, we just fix the tumblers of the lock in the same old lodged apparatus So, re-keying is cheaper than buying a new lock. This helps in savings for our budget.

In addition to all these advantages, re-keying is a faster way than installing the new lock because we just need to open the internal apparatus of our door lock to fix its tumblers. But if we want our lock to install then a suitable time will be required.


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